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15 Great Workout Accessories and Equipment

Working out is a chore to a lot of people (yes, I’m including myself in that statement), but some fun gadgets and cool equipment can make it much more enjoyable, or at least a bit more interesting.  Here are 15 top rated accessories and exercise equipment that I love.

#1:  A really fun shaker cup

Bring your protein drink, water, etc in a super fun super hero shaker cup.

Listen to music, use fitness apps, etc, with a cell armband holder.
#3:  Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel
I love this towel because it helps keep overheating in check.  Just soak it and wring it out, and it stays cool while feeling dry to the touch!  Great for outside workouts.
Okay, so this one might not be “fun” but chafing sure isn’t fun either!  Keep those thighs and other sensitive areas feeling comfy.
 This is not your old school fanny pack from the 80’s!  Fantastic for runners, walkers, hikers…hold all your stuff while working out!
After working out, treat your sore feet to this relaxing foot massage ball.
This wobble board isn’t just for physical therapy…it’s great for working out the core muscles, improving balance and flexibility!  Use it while hanging out watching TV, talking on the phone, etc.
If you’re like me and like doing fun activities for exercise, this might be your favorite new ride!
Work on your core while watching TV or sitting at your desk.  This backless version also helps with posture, and spine strength.
These leggins keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, are made from moisture wicking material, and support hamstrings and quads.
For all you swimmers out there, these cool gloves from Speedo help tone arm muscles by adding resistance in the water.
Up your water workout with these foam dumbbells.
My biggest complaint with using my exercise bike is that it leaves me with a sore rear.  This gel cushion adds extra padding for a much more comfortable ride.
Trampolines that you wear on your feet!  Takes some getting used to, but a fun workout!
Listen to music without worrying about tangled cords or wires!
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