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New Product Review-Enlightened Crisps

This past weekend I picked up a pack of Enlightened Broad Bean Crisps.  I was pretty skeptical at first…seriously a crunchy salty snack with only 100 calories and 7g protein?  Probably tastes like cardboard right?

Enlightened crisps

No!!!  They were delicious!!  OMG it was hard not to devour the entire bag!

I threw them in our pool bag, and had our whole group trying to grab a few more.  Everyone that tried them loved them!  I found this bag in our local grocery store, but there are several other flavors out there, which I plan to order online.

If you’re looking for a crunchy, yummy snack to take with you anywhere, I promise you will fall in love with these roasted broad bean’s!


Enlightened garlic and onion    enlightened mesquite BBQ  Enlightened siracha



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Posted in healthy grocery guide, healthy grocery list, healthy summer snacks

Healthy Summer Snacking When On The Move


When school lets out for the summer, most families are out and about all day long.  Camps, swimming, beach, hiking…you get the idea.  It can make snacking a bit of a challenge without a little bit of planning ahead of time.  When we’re heading to the pool, I’m normally good about packing a cooler full of healthy snacks.  If we’re out running from practices or to the park, sometimes that’s a little more challenging if I’m not dragging a cooler around.  Hopefully you’ll find some ideas on here that will appeal to you and your family!

If you have a cooler…

  1.  Frozen grapes
  2. cheese sticks (we love Cracker Barrel 2% cheddar)
  3. Chobani Greek yogurt tubes…freeze for a yummy treat
  4. Frozen yogurt bark (get the recipe here)
  5. Olive or pickle snack packs
  6. Veggies with hummus (the single serving cups are great)
  7. Watermelon slices
  8. Deli roll-ups


For your bag…

  1.  Nuts or trail mix (we love Back to Nature Cashew Almond Pistachio mix!)
  2. Popcorn
  3. Protein bars (for kids, my boys love CLIF Kid Zbars)
  4. Roasted chick peas (click here for recipe)
  5. Apple chips
  6. StarKist tuna salad pouch
  7. Natural apple sauce pouches
  8. Pirates Booty aged white cheddar 
  9. Protein waters
  10. Jerky (we all love Ostrim snack sticks)
  11. Crackers with your fav nut butter
  12. Hilshire snack boxes

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Let me know your favorite on the go snacks for your family!

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