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Cool Workout Classes

Spin class anyone?  No thanks!  Most of us are totally sick of the typical gym workouts.  Yes, I put my time in with the CrossRamp at the gym every week, but sometimes I’m just so bored with the whole workout scene.  So I’ve been surfing the net to see what else in out there, and came across a whole bunch of new and fun looking classes to check out.  Here’s what I found…

Pole Dancing…A fun way to let lose, while working out the entire body, strengthening arms, legs and core, not to mention working on flexibility.  And hey, maybe those classes can help us all out a bit with our love lives 😉

Urban Rebounding…this is a class that works out using a mini trampoline.  It is starting to catch on at gyms around the country, but you can also buy a DVD and mini trampoline to do the workout at home if you prefer.

Indoboarding…this is like surfing inside.  It’s a plank set up on a cylinder to help your body work on balance, coordination, and work out those core muscles.


SkyRobics…This is offered at Sky Zone trampoline parks…it combines aerobics and core strength building and can burn up to 1000 calories in a one-hour class!  Sounds worth checking out.

Star Wars workout classes…yup, that’s right, and of course it uses lightsabers!  What could be more awesome that working out with the force?!

Hula Hooping...this is just what it sounds like, a class devoted to the hula hoop.  I have never gotten the hang of the hula hoop but I have read and heard it gives you killer abs.


Kangaroo Jump…this is one I’ve been dying to try!  Those kangaroo shoes look like a blast and a half, and they can blast the calories in a fun and low impact way.  Lot’s of different kangaroo classes out there too, from dance to boot camps.

Suspension Training….This one was made popular by Jennifer Lopez, and uses gravity and body weight to build up strength, flexibility and core stability.

Happy workouts!!



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